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2024/2/20 23:02:27

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Resetting Jenkins Password: A Comprehensive Guide

If you're using Jenkins for continuous integration and delivery, there may come a point where you forget your username or password. Worry not, as this guide will walk you through the process of resetting your Jenkins password in a comprehensive manner.

Why is it necessary?

While Jenkins is designed to make our software development process smoother, it's still possible to lose track of our login credentials. This could be due to several reasons such as:

  1. Lack of attention: We might have set up Jenkins on a whim and forgotten to note down the credentials.
  2. Increased security requirements: With the growing number of security breaches, it has become essential to ensure that our login credentials are kept safe.
  3. Accidental deletion: Accidentally deleting your Jenkins credentials can cause significant disruptions to your workflow.
  4. New machine/environment: When setting up Jenkins on a new machine or environment, you may need to reset the password.

Fortunately, resetting your Jenkins password is a straightforward process that only requires a few steps. Let's dive in.

Step 1: Open the Command Line

To reset your Jenkins password, you need to open the command line first. If you're using Windows, open the Command Prompt. If you're using macOS, use the Terminal.

Step 2: Type the command

Once you've opened the command line, type jenkins reset-passwd and press Enter.

Step 3: Follow the prompts

You will be prompted to enter the current password for your Jenkins account. Enter the password and press Enter. You will then be asked to enter the new password twice to confirm. Make sure that you enter both passwords correctly.

Step 4: Verify the new password

After entering the new password, you will be asked to verify the new password by retyping it into the terminal. Once you've done this, you can proceed.

Step 5: Log In Again

With the new password set, you can now log in to Jenkins again using the new password.


Resetting your Jenkins password is a quick and easy process that can save you a lot of time and frustration when you forget or need to change your credentials. Remember to keep your passwords strong and avoid sharing them with others. And always backup your Jenkins configuration before making any changes.

If you're looking to automate your software development process even further, check out Jenkins for more information on how it can help streamline your development workflow.

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